Beauty Made Easy is a Danish brand, founded in 2014 by Terje Munck and her daughter Katrine.

” I started in a low key to try some of the products and concept on some of the test markets. I needed to find my love, passion and fun in my business life and the confidence to say: This is who we are, this is what we do and we are utterly honest and passionate about it. I knew what my end goal was, but the roadmap was still to be drawn.


It was given that Katrine was part of my business adventure – our target group is teenage girls, she was 15 when we started to talk about our brand. She has grown up, being part of the cosmetic business, travelling with me and visiting lots of cosmetic shops … 


The destination and the road are more clear and defined now.

Today, we are partly German-owned, we have added extra capital and resources to reach new heights and we export to 12 countries with more to come.



The most important thing being an entrepreneur is to remember that it is not exclusively about the money – it is about the love to what you do and about sharing and spreading that love unselfishly.

                                                                                                           Love comes back to you.


When you get your customers to fall in love with what you do, even if it just a teenage crush, this is where the success starts. You cannot buy it; it is something a brand has to earn. This is our goal; this is what we are aiming for.


We want to tell our young girls, that you have to be bold, you have to be colourful and you need to have courage to stand out in the crowd. Don’t just blend in, be brave, be ambitious.


Beauty is in all of us in different shapes and nuances, everyone has to find its own.

Look for it with a smile and positive attitude - Sweet lips with the smile will always win over harsh words.

We make small everyday beauty essentials that can be in a makeup bag, handbag or pocket. 


We do small stuff, but have big thoughts.


In a couple of years, when we talk about our brand, I want to be able to say words like: sustainable, biodegradable, obviously natural, and ecological.  Use of plastic containers in our products will be minimized or totally left out and each part of our products can be reused, recycled or composted.


Our journey has just begun and I do hope we will be able to encourage, inspire, share love and passion and give back when the time comes”. 


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